Tune In To Hear About Embodied Apparel’s Ongoing Success

Written by Chloe Troutman

Saundrea Sampson, Founder and CEO of Embodied Apparel, and her team take pride in Embodied Apparel’s multiple achievements since its launch in May of 2021. 

In 2021, Saundrea Sampson received her first feature in VoyageATL Local Stories as they explored life and business with the owner.

Sampson was also interviewed on the podcast, “Uncommon Queens”, about steps to building and maintaining a brand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and other advice on how to start and run a business. Later in 2021, Embodied Apparel was included in Nashville’s Black Market and was featured in the radio station YoCo 96.7 - Country Sliq on AM Radio, the notorious Nashville country music station. 

“The whole goal is just to support black communities and help to make a difference”, Sampson says in the interview. 

Early in 2022, Sampson was featured in an article by Shoutout Atlanta, where she was prided on the 7 endowments Embodied Apparel already has provided. Later in 2022, Sampson was featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine, which prides itself on featuring talented entrepreneurs and creatives. In this interview, Sampson recounts the primary mission of Embodied Apparel.

“The ultimate goal of Embodied Apparel is to serve as an inspirational vessel of change and to encourage as many people from as many walks of life to give back to civically engaged communities to keep the movement thriving.”

In December of 2022, Sampson continued her brand’s success as she was recognized by her alma mater Belmont University as one of the top 100 outstanding businesses, and was awarded this title. 

Additionally, at the start of 2023, Sampson was featured in the newsletter VoyageATL as a part of their “Inspiring Stories” series. In this series, VoyageATL highlights the most inspirational stories about local businesses and the CEOs and masterminds behind these businesses. As Sampson and her team go into 2023, they are excited to welcome even more success in the many years to come for Embodied Apparel.